FIRERATED SPRUCE PLY 4'X8'X5/8"$91.15
    SPRUCE 1"X2"X8' CONST GR$2.70
    SPRUCE 1"X3"X8' CONST GR$3.14
    SPRUCE 1"X4"X8' CONST GR$3.42
    SPRUCE 1"X6"X10' CONST GR$9.29
    SPRUCE 1"X6"X12' CONST GR$7.83
    SPRUCE 1"X6"X8' CONST GR$5.19
    SPRUCE 1"X8"X10' CONST GR$14.98
    SPRUCE 1"X8"X12' CONST GR$8.87
    SPRUCE 1"X8"X14' CONST GR$8.11
    SPRUCE 1"X8"X16' CONST GR$11.83
    SPRUCE 2"X10"X10' CONST GR$22.80
    SPRUCE 2"X10"X12' CONST GR$27.36
    SPRUCE 2"X10"X14' CONST GR$31.92
    SPRUCE 2"X10"X16' CONST GR$36.48
    SPRUCE 2"X10"X8' CONST GR$18.24
    SPRUCE 2"X12"X10' CONST GR$40.31
    SPRUCE 2"X12"X12' CONST GR$55.16
    SPRUCE 2"X12"X14' CONST GR$74.30
    SPRUCE 2"X12"X16' CONST GR$68.67
    SPRUCE 2"X12"X8' CONST GR$34.45
    SPRUCE 2"X2"X10' CONST GR$3.62
    SPRUCE 2"X2"X8' CONST GR$2.90
    SPRUCE 2"X3"X8' CONST GR$4.21
    SPRUCE 2"X4"X10' CONST GR$6.35
    SPRUCE 2"X4"X104-5/8' CONST GR$5.38
    SPRUCE 2"X4"X12' CONST GR$7.62
    SPRUCE 2"X4"X14' CONST GR$8.89
    SPRUCE 2"X4"X16' CONST GR$10.15
    SPRUCE 2"X4"X8' CONST GR$3.82
    SPRUCE 2"X6"X10' CONST GR$12.16
    SPRUCE 2"X6"X104-5/8" CONST GR$10.58
    SPRUCE 2"X6"X12' CONST GR$14.59
    SPRUCE 2"X6"X14' CONST GR$17.02
    SPRUCE 2"X6"X16' CONST GR$19.46
    SPRUCE 2"X6"X8' CONST GR$7.22
    SPRUCE 2"X8"X10' CONST GR$16.21
    SPRUCE 2"X8"X12' CONST GR$19.46
    SPRUCE 2"X8"X14' CONST GR$22.70
    SPRUCE 2"X8"X16' CONST GR$25.94
    SPRUCE 2"X8"X8' CONST GR$12.97
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