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Ready-Mix Concrete vs Site Mixed Concrete

The Canadian cement and concrete industry generates at least $10.8 billion annually. It’s a massive industry that continues to grow and with the current market, building materials are becoming more expensive.

Making the right decision when it comes to purchasing concrete can make or break your next project. Two forms of concrete that contractors and companies compare are Ready-Mix and site mixed concrete.

Ready-Mix concrete is a type of concrete that comes in pre-mixed bags. It’s often used for construction projects because it’s convenient and easy to use. Site mixed concrete, on the other hand, has to be made at the site since it doesn’t come premixed. The main advantage of site-mixed concrete is that you can customize it to suit your needs but there are some disadvantages as well.

In this blog post we’ll compare these two types of concrete so you can decide which one works best for you.

What is Ready-Mix concrete?

Ready-Mix concrete is a type of concrete that comes in pre-mixed bags. It’s often used for construction projects because it’s convenient and easy to use. We also suggest it for large projects that need a large volume of concrete. Expect to pay more for Ready-Mix versus site-mixed concrete, however. Learn more about ML Group’s Ready-Mix concrete products.

What is site mixed concrete?

Site mixed concrete is a type of concrete that must be made at the site since it doesn’t come premixed. This means there are extra steps required for the product to be used along with time and resources. However, it tends to be more affordable and more suitable for smaller construction projects. 

Ready-Mix concrete advantages

The main advantage of Ready-Mix is convenience. You don’t have to worry about bringing an extra mixer truck on site, mixing it yourself, etc. This makes it ideal for large or remote job sites where access can be difficult.

Ready-Mix also doesn’t require any special tools or equipment either so anyone with some muscle can easily transport and lay down this material at almost any job site.

Finally, since most Ready-Mixes come premixed they’re usually consistent which reduces waste (and cost!) over time as well as lessens the environmental impact construction projects have.

Ready-Mix concrete disadvantages

As we mentioned previously, you will pay a premium for Ready-Mix concrete and it’s more expensive than site-mixed concrete. It is typically not suitable for smaller projects where less concrete is required. You will also need effective transportation and logistics from the location you purchase it from and the job site. Ideally, you will have skilled labor ready to use the Ready-Mix concrete to prevent waste as it needs to be used within 3.5 hours of being batched.

Cost of site Ready-Mix concrete

Ready-Mix concrete is a lot more expensive than other options and can be up to double the cost of traditional materials. The exact price you pay will depend on the supplier you choose, location, amount, and other factors. A ballpark estimate you’ll pay is $100-$150 per cubic yard plus any additional charges.

Use ML Group’s concrete calculator to determine how much product you need and get a free quote from us.

Site mixed concrete advantages

One of the first advantages to using site-mixed concrete is that it’s more affordable than Ready-Mix. And, since it’s typically used for smaller projects, your company will be saving money by using it. With good supervision, the consistency and quality is very high. You can order much smaller amounts based on your project’s exact needs versus Ready-Mix where you normally have to purchase much more volume. Overall, it’s a more cost effective solution.

Site mixed concrete disadvantages

What are the downsides to using site-mixed concrete? Firstly, it requires a slower process with several steps to use versus Ready-Mix. You will need a batch mixer on your job site as well. To avoid contamination and waste, it’s essential that your laborers mix it exactly where it will be used. It’s also recommended for low-rise structures with continuous supervision.

Cost of site-mixed concrete

Similar to Ready-Mix concrete, the exact price you pay will change depending on the supplier you purchase from. However, site-mixed concrete is normally bought in smaller batches, making it more economical. Plan to pay approximately $70 per cubic yard and plan for other costs like a mixer and equipment.

Final thoughts on Ready-Mix vs site mixed concrete

Ready-Mix and site mixed concrete both have their benefits. Ready-Mix is more suitable for larger projects and budgets. It’s simpler to use and offers consistent quality. You won’t have to store it on job sites and there is less labour cost since you don’t need people producing the concrete. Waste and pollution is also significantly reduced.

Site-mix, on the other hand, requires less investment and is more effective for smaller projects. While it demands more supervision to get the most out of it, you need less quantity and skilled labor will use it just as well as Ready-Mix .If you want more information about Ready-Mix vs site-mixed concrete, please contact us via phone or email. We would love to help answer any questions that we can. You can also browse our selection of concrete and other construction products.